16 days passed


The national police department of Japan reported March 26th about the number of killed by the earthquake and tsunami as 10,489 and also reported that 16,621 are not yet found. Thus the total number of lost people is expected to be 27,000 or more.

We sincerely appreciate all of your encouraging messages and sympathies for this tragic and difficult time for us.


I am starting to dump what I had in the past


14: 46 March 11, 2011


The controlled shutdown on telephone line to avoid the congestion was taken place. Any 3G voice and fixed line voice were totally shutdown. In Japan’s regulation 3G antenna has to be equipped with emergency power equipment. Therefore, even the area with electric power shutdown, carrier signal was up. After a couple of hours, when the all voice phone kept silent, a call was received at a customer relation business office. The call was from an office of self-defense forces. The circuit switch obviously was under control giving priority to emergency related institutes.

Twitter and emails worked from the very first moment for most of the people who use the mobile Internet. The devices were battery-equipped and 3G data packet were working without any suspensions of operation. Finding family’s and friend’s tweets were the first action for most of the people. This was the fastest way in the history for a person in a disaster area to confirm family member’s safety. For those who were not familiar with data communication such as SNSs and emails, including my mother who were left at a conference facility at the time of the earthquake, unfortunately lost their way to confirm safety of family members for more than 24 hours. After eighteen hours, my mother found a way to call home by the occasional recovered fixed line phone. We do have a special rule for public phone to become free of use when disaster time. This system invoked for the first time since 1995 when the Kobe earthquake time, but unfortunately, the number of installation of public phones drastically been decreased because of wide deployment of mobile phones.

Thanks for the Internet, a packet switching network and its successful deployment to cover to connect a lot of people, even for this emergency occasion.

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