PDRnet Project Overview


We would like to express our sincere sympathy for the enormous loss of life and devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami that struck the north east of Japan on Friday 11 March at 14:46 Japan Standard Time.

The WIDE project (http://www.wide.ad.jp/ ), immediately after the earthquake, teamed up with ICT industry, universities and research institutes to launch a voluntary project called “PDRnet project” which will support disaster recovery activities in the suffered area by utilizing ICT.

The PDRnet Project (Post-Disaster Recovery Internet Project) brings the first-aid-Internet connectivity and ICT basic working kit to the hospitals and the temporary shelters when the regular network service is not yet provided with some difficulties using the most effective technologies suitable to the place. The project works with the local staff to establish a communication platform to help their current activities. It also helps with the transition towards a  longer term solution for sustainable operation.

PDRnet is supported by volunteers from WIDE project partners including universities, research institutes, companies in ICT industry and  government organizations who believe  that connecting the Internet will help recovery and/or relief activities.

Information about our activities is currently not easily accessible and not well shared with outside the team due to lack of resources as we all are are focusing on the activity in the fields. Basically we are visiting the suffered area and learning from the local staff to design the best use of ICT and providing it within our capacity.

Your donations including network equipments are highly appreciated.
For more information, please contact to PDRnet Project Tokyo Office.

PDRnet Project Tokyo Office:
TEL: 03-3516-0624
#302 Toho Building, 3-1-7 Mita, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0073, Japan

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